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**Also called tele-auctions or board sales**


Through our partner company Mid-Atlantic Cattle Sales (MACS) we offer video sales twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of every month. We market over 450 truckloads a year through the video sales from throughout the southeastern United States including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. The majority of the cattle on the video sales that are sold in truckload lots consist of cattle weighing a total of 48,000 to 50,000 lbs. However, we can also sell "partial" loads and split loads of both steers and heifers (more information below).

How does it work?

If you have cattle that you would like to market on the video sale, contact a MACS representative at least 2 weeks prior to the sale (view sale schedule). The MACS rep will come to your farm to view and video the cattle and document a description of the cattle. Once the information is returned to the office, we prepare a sale catalog and videos with all of the lots for the sale. The catalog and videos are posted on our website and sent out via email, text, and fax to buyers and feedlots throughout the United States. The sale is conducted through a nationwide conference call and online bidding on DV Auction with the cattle never having to leave your farm to be sold. After the sale, we work with you and the buyer to set up a date for the buyer to pick up the cattle at your farm or the load out location of your choosing. Your MACS representative will also be there on load out day to help sort, weigh, and load your cattle.

Truckload Size Recommendations

It is recommended to market a full truckload of calves at 48,000 to 50,000 lbs. Typically the truckloads with the highest demand are loads of one sex (steers or heifers) of similar type, kind, and age with a weight range from the lightest to heaviest at 200 lbs or less. If you do not have a full truckload, a partial load may also be an option. If you sell a partial load, we recommend having at least 30,000 lbs of one sex and keeping the weight range at 200 lbs. or less. We can also sell split loads of both steers and heifers, but again, we would recommend the range of each sex being at 200 lbs. or less. For more information, contact a MACS representative.

Statesville Area MACS Representatives

The reps that most commonly represent truckloads in this area are Jimmy Dagenhart (704-425-3587) and Marcus Harward (704-322-0840) but you can view a full list of our representatives here.

For more information on video sales and truckload lots, visit the Mid-Atlantic Cattle Sales website at

Video Sales (Special Sales)


The MAC-VAC program is a new marketing tag program at Harward Brothers Livestock Market that will recognize calves that have been vaccinated and pre-conditioned. Calves must meet minimum vaccination requirements and will qualify for a MAC-Vac ear tag to be sold during the MAC-Vac portion of our weekly sales. The program allows for greater flexibility for our producers allowing them to market value-added cattle at any of our weekly sales. 

How does it work?

Tagged calves with a completed health documentation form can be brought into any of our weekly sales. Calves will be penned separately from the regular sale calves. All MAC-Vac calves that are brought in by 12 noon on sale day will sell at the beginning of the feeder calf portion of the regular weekly sales OR at 1:00 pm (subject to sale staff decision based on sale numbers). Cattle will be sold as singles or grouped by producer. This program allows buyers to purchase verified vaccinated calves and producers to receive increased marketing on their calves and sell early in the sale each week. Program ear tags must be purchased from us and are $0.50 / tag. Tags are available in the office or can be mailed to you.

Flexibility is Key

This is a flexible program to help you receive premiums for vaccinating and preconditioning your cattle. This program allows you to sell your cattle at any time, not just certain sales during the year. It also does not require a certain brand of products, just that you meet minimum vaccine requirements. This program also allows for all sizes of producers to be able to participate.


• Steers and Heifers only, bull calves do not qualify

• Minimum required vaccines given within 90 days of being sold and at least 21 days prior to being sold.

• At least one modified live virus vaccine for IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV

• At least one mannheimia haemolytica (pasteurella), can be given with MLV

• At least one clostridal/blackleg (two if label requires a booster)

• At least one parasite control/dewormer

• Calves must be polled or horns less than 2 inches.

• Weaning is not required. If applicable, weaned calves must be weaned 45+ days.

• MUST have MAC-Vac program tag in the ear

• The health form MUST accompany cattle on sale day

For more information, visit the MAC-VAC website at

MAC-VAC (Special Sales)


Norwood Graded Feeder Calf Sales at Stanly County Livestock Market

Graded feeder calf sales are a popular option for producers looking to capture value for their calves for vaccinating and weaning their calves by selling them in like groups with other producers following the same protocols. Calves are grouped into pens according to sex, weight, and grade to create uniform groups. This allows buyers to purchase large, consistent groups of calves at one time while helping sellers earn more money for their calves. Graders from the NC Department of Agriculture grade all calves at these sales.

These sales are held at our partnership barn in Norwood, NC but are open to all cattle producers, regardless of state or location. Click here to view the producer guidelines that explain the basics of the sale system as well as the sale dates, sale requirements, vaccination protocols, tag information, and helpful tips.

For more information on the state graded feeder calf sales, visit

Graded Feeder Calf (Special Sales)
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