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Watch the sale live online on any device - smart phones, computers, or tablets. Every Monday while the sale is going on, you can view the live feed at the video below. If the live feed is not working, please contact the office at 704-546-2692.

SALE ORDER: Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred Cows, Feeder Calves, (Break), Large Bulls, Market Cows

• Dairy influenced feeder calves sell at approximately 3:00 pm.

• Baby calves, goats, & sheep sell at 6:00 pm (or the end of the sale, whichever is earliest) and are NOT shown on the video.

• MAC-Vac calves (vaccinated cattle that have enrolled in the MAC-Vac program) will sell towards the beginning of the feeder sale. All other beef feeder calves will be penned according to the order they were brought in and sold accordingly to the best of our ability. Grouped feeder calves may also sell out of "pen order" depending on available pen space.

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